Tragic Events Unfold: Nigerian Family Victim to Violence Amidst Civil Unrest

Kelvin Ogornna Emmanuel. a resident of Benin City Nigeria, has faced harrowing events involving his family amidst the country’s civil unrest.

We got a report that In March 04 2020, while visiting a construction site with his father in Ebonyi State, they encountered a distressing scene: witnessing military personnel assaulting two girls. Attempting to document the incident, Kelvin’s father took pictures and videos, which led to a violent retaliation from the military, leaving both Kelvin and his father hospitalized.

Following their recovery, amidst the #EndSARS protests in October 2020, they actively participated, providing support to protesters with essential supplies and advocating against police brutality. However, tragedy struck again when the military personnel, allegedly involved in the previous altercation, targeted Kelvin’s family. They fatally shot Kelvin’s cousin, inquiring about Kelvin and his father’s whereabouts.

Concerned for safety, it was reported that kelvin’s whereabouts is still unknown because the authorities are not interested in dealing with the issue. Events such as these have an impact on investors’ interest in Nigeria and the overall global perception of the country.

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